Quick Calculation (Revisited)

“Do the dishes so I can make dinner.”

“But Mom, I already did them today!”

“How many times a day do you eat?”

(Grumbles)” I’m NOT doin’ dishes
EVERY time we eat!
Once a day’s enough!”


“What’s cool?”


“Preparing only one meal a day! By the way, what’ll it be: breakfast, lunch or dinner?”

Note: Revisited to submit as an entry to
Bluebell Books’ Short Story Slam  Love In Creativity Project.

About emanita01

I am a Franco-american woman who hails from Massachusetts. I live in France near the Swiss border, only minutes away from Geneva. I am a Social Entrepreneur in the making, a Gospel singer, Actrice, Stand-up Comic & member of an Improvisational Theater troupe. I am also gravitating towards writing a book or two, a couple of plays and a one-woman show.
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7 Responses to Quick Calculation (Revisited)

  1. I love it! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit!

  2. emanita01 says:

    ^^ LOL…thought you might! Thanks for your visit too 😀

  3. michael says:

    Made me giggle–I’ve been in that situation before.

    Thanks for the gentle reminder of a wonderfully silly little moment of life.

  4. elizena says:

    Hahaha! Still giggling about this, because I’ve gone through this a few times. Called my son and read it to him, he was still laughing when I hung up. Very well done. Be blessed.


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