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Emily Greene Balch Born

On This Day...

      …in 1867, Emily Balch was born in Jamaica Plain. Her parents’ affluence and enlightened views allowed her to attend college at a time when few women did.

She entered Bryn Mawr in 1886 and graduated with honors three years later. After studying abroad and helping start a settlement house in Boston, she decided on an academic career.

She taught at Wellesley for 22 years until her growing political activism and her opposition to U.S. entry into World War I cost her her job. For the rest of her long life, she devoted her talent and energy to organizing women on behalf of world peace. In 1946 her accomplishments were recognized when she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Emily Greene Balch grew up in a prosperous and well-established New England family in the years after the Civil War; she was strongly influenced by her parents’ liberal Unitarian values. When she was 10, a new minister came to her church. “He asked us,” she later recalled, “to enlist in the service of goodness whatever its cost.” Emily Balch accepted this pledge and her “desire to live up to it” determined her life’s work. For her commitment to promoting cooperation among individuals and peoples, she was awarded the 1946 Nobel Peace Prize. Her friend Jane Addams was the first American woman to receive the prize. She was the second.

For the complete text: http://www.massmoments.org/moment.cfm?mid=2

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On Silencing the Press/En Faisant taire la Presse

1464665_10152641381683424_4150444489667555409_n Only got a minute 10898031_10152642131078424_4908189673318535561_n

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sy6gavekwvcz8v5e6mgi charlei french CoverIAmCharlie englishFOR THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, THE FREEDOM TO THINK…



Le 8 janvier 2015 21:51, Michel AKNIN <michel.aknin@free.fr> a écrit :

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Juice Worms? Did You Know About This? I didn’t!

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Stop the traffic!

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On Network or Multi-level Marketing Opportunities vs. Pyramid Schemes

What irony!

I’m referring here to what a some folks respond when I tell them about my crazy wrap business.

I am an It Works! independent distributor in the middle of building a business that will enable me to reap benefits in direct proportion to my personal efforts. The harder I work in helping others get what they need, the more income I have the opportunity to produce across the board.

The steps to accomplish this?

There are three:

  1. Purchase a business kit & activate an auto shipment*.
  2. Enroll 4 people who desire to become loyal clients & who agree to use at least one product per month for three consecutive months.
  3. Enroll 2 to 3 people who wish to become debt-free by creating their own independent distributorships & teach them to do steps 1 to 3.

==> For more info on products & distributorships head to http://rondebienetre.myitworks.com/
Note: Be sure to specify your country.

« Oh! That sounds like a pyramid scheme! I don’t want to get involved in one of those! »

I chuckle when I hear this response. But really, it’s not funny. As these folks walk away, satisfied that they have avoided being « had », I shake my head. I only wish they would consider the following:

Most of these folks work for someone else. They do not make any commissions on their efforts but their efforts contribute directly to their bosses’ salaries and perk benefits. And their bosses’ results contribute directly to those bosses’ bosses’ results and this goes on straight up to the CEOs and their buddies’ salaries and perks!

Sounds awfully like a pyramid scheme, doesn’t it?

ON PYRAMIDS 10888834_10205438884590859_2154604314439558505_nBut, hey, no way are these folks involved in anybody’s pyramid scheme!

As far as I’m concerned, if multi-level marketing is a pyramid scheme, then it’s better than the ones that pretend NOT to be a pyramid scheme.

I’d rather have direct control over receiving commissions and perks on my personal efforts versus handing such control over to a hierarchy above me that consists of people who do nothing other than belittle their front-line employees while drinking their coffee and sitting on their posteriors, working shorter hours than they do and taking much longer unmerited vacations during the moments they decide is most convenient for them!

Okay then, you are probably going to work hard in your life to get where you want to be.

But why work SO hard for someone else, helping them to build their dreams with all your hard work? Instead, why not work hard for you, yourself and your family, doing something that can really change all your lives?

10247261_1487724444835787_5704543783519911992_nThink about this:

If pyramid it is to be, then decide which pyramid scheme you want to enlist under:
either a nine-to-five-or-longer job where you will never receive just compensation for your efforts or an independent distributorship where you choose the hours you work and reap the benefits in direct proportion to your efforts.

Your choice. Choose well.

It Works Where Map 10672271_1479735088956170_1280592285160832059_n


Note: There is also a monthly fee (about 24 USD) for what is called an esuite that enables you to have an eye on your business. However, it is not mandatory and that’s why it’s not listed as one of the three steps above.

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President Obama On Rape

RAPE IS RAPE 10881498_792898750745586_6019010789379911213_n

  • Eric Blackburn Before the “Obama is a tyrant” comments just remember, he represents a lot of different views/policies. Don’t dismiss his good stances that can help people just because he has some crummy ones..
  • Masquer 32 réponses
  • Eric Blackburn Are you saying this right here was bad of him to say?
  • Renee Kelly Marcel, the comment above is a great place to start, unless you are one who does not believe rape is rape. If you feel President Obama is wrong on this topic then I suggest you leave this feed and never come back.
  • JD Wiser Aye, I disagree with some of his views, but not all of them. I don’t slander him, even if I think he’s made a wrong decision on something. And this issue is definitely one of the ones I agree with him on.
  • Wendy Fulwood I would gladly swap him for the idiot we have now.
  • Marcel Bermudez To all concerned I was being facetious to make the point that Obama is the worst President in my lifetime with some terrible ideas. Even when he makes a good point as he does here he is contradicting his own policy in having politicians making healthcare decisions for us a la Obama-care
  • Matthew J. McFarlan Worst President in your lifetime? So you’re, what, five years old?
  • Sammie Tseng I personally don’t think ObamaCare was a very damaging concept. Its definitely not one that causes as much unfairness as trying to translate what is and is not rape.
  • Jak Byrd How has everyone forgotten about that terrible douche Bush
  • Marcel Bermudez Renee Kelly one sparrow doesn’t a summer make. The man is full of bad ideas. Now where do you get off telling people what to do?
  • Marcel Bermudez Mathew McFarlan I am minus six years of economic growth and prosperity. Now I was around when Reagan took over from the second worst President in my lifetime and a worst economy than Obama inherited with interest rates at 20%. Within two years of sound economic policy the economy was humming.
  • Dan Slattery Sound economic policy??? Boy, the GOP puppet masters really have YOU fooled Marcel! Are you one of those ignorant fools who actually believes that trickle-down economics actually works? Have you forgotten what his policies did to our economy, followed by the first disastrous Bush administration, that had to be cleaned up by Clinton? Clinton handed the second Bush disaster a huge surplus, which he quickly fed to his fellow rich people, then after years of spending while cutting taxes, allowing even more tax cuts to the super-wealthy, cutting funding to the military and embassy security, cutting veterans benefits, etc., he handed one of the worst recessions in American history to Obama, saying “here, take this, it’s all YOUR fault, not mine. I’m out.” And what happened? Obama cleaned up the mess Bush left him! Unemployment is at the lowest rate since well before his administration, GDP is at one of it’s highest levels ever, the Dow and corporate profits are at their highest level EVER, consumer confidence is the highest it’s been in many years, the housing market is rebounding, and it’s ALL due to Obama’s “worst President” efforts. The GOP fought him every step of the way and he STILL succeeded! The GOP deliberately tried to destroy this nation to make Obama look bad, and he STILL pulled us out the Bush recession! And then idiots like you come along and talk all this ignorant shit about him. Go fuck yourself Marcel. Be glad that Obama is here to save you from your own stupidity.
  • Marcel Bermudez Dan when you act like a decent human being and clean up your filthy language I will be happy to give you an education in economics instead of that dribble that you enunciated. Needless to say it’s full of holes and inaccuracies.
  • Quinton Kyle Hoover I haven’t heard an opinion of his that was Wrong yet. Everything he’s been able to get done has been for the better, and the worst things to happen during his presidency were at the fault of the GOP being ass-holes.
  • Marcel Bermudez How come the country is still in a mess after six years. Remember the Democrats had both the house and the Senate for a huge chunk of those years
  • Michelle Reeves Dude, what are you talking about? Even with slightly more Democrats in house and senate GOP was doing everything in their power to make it hard for anything to get done. They’ve refused to pass a the Jobs Bill for 6years yet passed a bill for Keystone Pipeline in a hour even though one tiny mistake in it would’ve killed everyone. You’re going to sit here and say “Obama’s done nothing and no one’s been stopping him”. Are you best friends with Bill O’Reilly or something? Because that’s exactly what you sound like.
  • Yunlihn Orion Tsukikuro Marcel, I do hope you know that the President doesn’t make decisions alone, his ideas are debated and voted at the Congress, where, you know, his party is not the only one represented… If some good ideas are “contradicted” (for say not being applied), ask yourself if the opposition didn’t pull a massive con vote.

    We French would gladly take that President instead of any ot those we ever had: he actually cares for his people. Most of them are just too blind to see the good he’s trying to do.

    And of course he has flaws, he’s Human like all of us, so he makes mistakes. But he’s still one the best Presidents the USA had in a long time (and please, don’t tell me Bush was better…)

  • Marissa Barber For those that appose obamacare – if it wasn’t for obamacare I wouldn’t have gotten the necessary invasive ultrasounds i needed to have my cysts on my ovaries looked at. I wouldn’t have been able to get my perscription birth control. It’d have been too expensive and thus forcing me to more than likely have a hysterectomy that I can’t even afford due to the pain of PCOS, because I am covered under my moms health care for as long as I am – I can finish college without any pain, and then by the time I’m not covered I will have my own job.

    Obamacare saved my dream of having a family, and it has saved many peoples lives as well. Without it a lot more people would be dead, however I think health care should be free as it shouldn’t be a luxury but a necessity.

  • Joe Mason “How come the country is still a mess” – Sorry, but welcome to the 21st Century where nearly every country is a mess. I’m British and even I know this.
  • Brittney Hubbard Marcel — The country is still a mess because we still have politicians giving goodie bags to Wall Street. Or were you not tuned in for the whole “cromnibus” drama? Maybe you were, and Fox News was still teaching you to blame immigrants, minorities, and the poor. The wealthy have been rigging the game since the game existed and when the federal government started putting laws around their activities to protect the average investor they just started buying elections instead. Welcome to Reagan’s entire presidency… a Wall Street success story.

    And to whoever said Obamacare is forced healthcare… have you even looked at the exchanges? My state (Maryland) got its shit together and provided a decent system at the same time as the federal website was failing. If access to healthcare where you live is pretty sucky, you most likely live in a red state. If you are referring to the fact that employers must cover contraception well, Obama has bent over backwards to fix that for “religious” employers.

    E: And I hope after his presidency he stays actively involved in some of these issues. A certain type of American would love for the first black president to also be the worst president in history. The same people who are willing to jump behind W. Bush and his illegal wars and laughable policies.

  • Michael Mellor I live outside of America and even I can see that the Republicans in the senate have made every move they can to discredit Obama even at the expense of the American people. As a major force in the developed world you do not even have a universal health care system. That in itself is an incredible situation for you to be in. Even Bhutan, Israel and Thailand have health care. Looking in I can only deduce that some of the blocking and obstacles put in the way of Obama creating policies borders on racism. How else can you explain why anyone would prevent policy changes that would benefit America’s people. In my opinion and many other commentators in the foreign press, Obama will go down in history as a very successful president despite the bloody minded Republican oposition. You have created your own dire situation when in the mid-term elections the apathy of American voters allowed the Republicans to gain hold of the senate so that, for instance, you now have a ridiculous situation such as the greatest environment denier James Inhofe becoming chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee, a person who believes climate change is a hoax. Unbelievable when you consider the influence America has on the rest of the world. We raise our eyes to the ceiling in disbelief over that one. No wonder Obama hasn’t progressed as far as people or himself would have liked when he is faced with idiots like Boehner, Mconnell and Inhofe to name three. After you have finished shredding Obama please send him our way as we would love to have some of his failures.
  • Chani Stern I didn’t have time to read the comments but I just want to say that I agree with the initial statement that you don’t have to agree with everything a person stands for to believe that they have a good point of a specific topic. While I personally do not agree with a lot of Obamas policies, I do feel that this particular statement was well said. That’s all.
  • Chani Stern On* a specific topic….not of….dumb phones
  • Eric Blackburn I should have bought some popcorn before making a comment, this is a show.
  • Alejandro Lago For the ones asking what good has he done
  • Garry Chamberlain Joe Mason, the world is a mess, thanks to big banks and now they are trying to have new rules on them relaxed so they can do it again and all if us, as tax payers have to bail them out again as ‘too big to fail’ and off we go again, more austerity and grief for us and they again get their big payouts. Bankers didn’t lose, we paid them and their all having a good time at our expense.
  • Garry Chamberlain Alejandro Lago, he’s done a lot. Its conservatives you need to watch because they want to make it so the little guy has to support the rich, who get us into the problems we all suffer but they get away and make more wealth for themselves.
    Trickle down does not work, middle and lower incomes need to be increased so there is enough to live on and maybe even save some.
  • Christine Parry lol… there is not one politician who really does give a crap about any of us. Once people realize their only goal is to put food on their table…at your expense, perhaps there will be a political discussion that actually is reasonable and sound. All of this petty bickering is exactly what they want and what they are good at creating. The worst part is…we are doing exactly what those puppetmasters want. So keep on with the “My party is better than your party….my dad is better than your dad.” they love it!
  • Loren Balinton ^^The two party system is inherently evil. Anyone remember who said that?
  • Marilyn Anita
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On Tears

On TEARS 10277312_829255317095481_1472951958712888974_n

This photo series by Rose-Lynn Fisher captures tears of grief, joy, laughter and irritation under the microscope.

Tears aren’t just water. They’re primarily made up of water, salts, antibodies and lysozymes, but the composition depends on the type of tear. There are three main types – basal tears, reflex tears, and weeping tears.

As you can see, they can look incredibly different when evaporated and placed under a microscope.

More info: http://bit.ly/RJqvK7

Images by Rose-Lynn Fisher, via the Smithsonian Magazine and ScienceAlert.

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Listen to the beat of a different drum <3

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