Ezra Klein: Hillary Clinton’s greatest skill can also be her greatest weakness.

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Senator Harry Reid to Republican Party: “He’s their Frankenstein, they own him.”

Harry Reid Tells Republicans You Created Trump By Obstructing 2016


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Racism DESTROYED in one minute

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“…/…Intellectual rot in the Republican party.” Steve Schmidt: “Clinton will win”

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Hey! Somebody tell Donald Trump: “Pussies” have the right to vote nowadays!

LOL! Just realized that somebody forgot to tell the republican presidential candidate of the United States of America, Donald Trump, one thing:

Nowadays, “pussies” DO have the right to vote!

So, while “pussies” might not employ defensive tactics like slapping Mr. Trump in the face or strategically kicking him in a particularly sensitive zone, they most likely will employ offensive tactics*. The latter, in the form of making good use of their voting ballots!

Note to Mr. Trump: Offensive tactics not only reduce a fighter’s defenses, but reduce the likelihood of any other type of attack being initiated.

And as for Betsy McCaughey, we’ll just let her hum along with these ladies:

Hmmm, wonder if McCaughey’ll find this song’s lyrics too “racy” for her ears. LOL😀

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Michelle Obama on Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s Behavior & Statements

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Now THIS is real scary: Trump’s ghostwriter speaks out!

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On Christopher Columbus, Finally Saying It Like It Is: Hero? What hero?!

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Donald Trump’s Proud of “that German blood”… Warning! Warning!

We can all be proud of our heritage.

Yet, Donald Trumps states that he’s proud of “that German blood”.
He also says he has superior genes and superior learning.

And that folks is frightening, for his speeches sound dangerously close to another
well-known leader’s theories.

Have a listen here:

…and a read here:

and see what you think!

Definitely a case of fodder for thought…and action when it comes time to vote folks!

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Robin Williams on the American Flag

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