When Apprentice Trump takes on Terminator Schwarzenegger…

President Trump of the USA takes a shot at Terminator Schwarzenegger,
who promptly raises a challenge.
Will Trump pick up the gauntlet?

We all know the answer to that one!


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YES! French customers will be seeing new label warnings on Small Business’ US-made products.


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American History Solidly Built Upon Lies: Past, Present…and Future?


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On Christopher Columbus: Get Lost “Hero”!

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2000 Veteran Heros Head To Dakota to Protect Standing Rock Protestors

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On the US Presidential Election: Shame on You America

Today’s post from Catherine Monagle provides a whole lot of fodder for thought,
so I decided to recopy and post it here.

26 min ·

My heart is sinking low. Annie was two months on Nov 8, a day that will no doubt be remembered in history.

I am sorry Annie, you deserved better than this.

There will always be Trumps, but what was in the soul of so many that he could rise?

I know reasons that deserve sympathy are part of this complex picture, but poverty and ignorance are no excuse for hate.

Writing this from Germany seems poignant and you see from here how long back is the road.

This was not just your election America and none of us got a chance to vote.

Shame on you America.

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Daphne Sheldrick: On Learning Life from Orphaned Elephants

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Pure Interconnectivity

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Dallas Company Wants to put a Pipeline Across Dakota

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MOVIE ‘Birth Of A Nation’ Flop: Black America, You Fell For The Dirty Distraction

Hmmm, I do not believe this film has hit the European market yet. But, when it does, I wll definitely check it out.

These are some of the excerpts that intrigued me about this movie:

“Birth of a Nation was set to be the pro-Black movie of the year.
What happened?
“Black America” happened. We allowed media to distract us with Nate’s past.”
Emanita01 writes: Okay, while I have NO idea what the issue is with “Nate”s past”, I do wonder why it should keep all of Black America from seeing a film which may contain a pertinent new viewpoint on history that the White America of the past did not portray in its entirety??

“Another reason this movie is so important is because it opposes the 1915 version of Birth of a Nation — the one that glorifies the birth of the KKK. You know…the opposition to the Emanita01 writes: Okay, I’m keen on discovering this new point of view.”

Read more at: http://www.theblackloop.com/2016/10/12/birth-of-a-nation-flop/


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