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Info on Cinquains from Jo

Definition of Cinquain Poetry Type and Term Cinquain Poetry Type has five lines: Line 1 is one word (the title) Line 2 is two words that describe the title. Line 3 is three words that tell the action Line 4 … Continue reading

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On Cinquains, Women & Poets

When two women, two poets, share… Bird Red, Blue Flying, Squawking, Landing A flash of light Parrot © Jo Bryant Hey Jo, Thanks! You’ve just taught me something new in poetry. And from what I’m reading here [on Jo’s blog], … Continue reading

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David Walters: Matters of Importance

How do we weigh our priorities ─ if at all? Can we rely on the weigher (us), the scales (our values), the weights (our criteria)? How consistent can we be in a world whose only constant is change? How to … Continue reading

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Speak, But Not Merely for the Sake of Speaking.

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Booker T. Washington Born in 1856 – Died in 1915 “I believe that one always does himself and his audience an injustice when he speaks merely for the sake of speaking. I do not believe that one should speak unless, … Continue reading

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Great Speeches Happen Between the Words

“It’s been said that music is what happens between the notes. I believe that a great speech happens between the words, during the pauses when an audience can reflect upon and internalize the message. Never forget the impact that a … Continue reading

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