Robin Williams on the Worst Thing in Life

Robin Williams on the worst thing in life 10556285_10152627341522359_7259142350064190782_nThat is so true.
It saddens me deeply to know that people made you feel that way
Robin Williams …and now you are gone

Or, as some would put it that you allowed yourself to feel this way because of the people who gathered around you. I wish you would have found a way to rid you of such parasitic modern-day vampires versus being sucked dry by them.

I always thought our paths would cross one day and that I could tell you just how much your being in this world made it a magical place to be.

Your artistic works will live on to touch generations to come. Robin Williams, you will  be and already are terribly missed. God speed ❤


About emanita01

I am a Franco-american woman who hails from Massachusetts. I live in France near the Swiss border, only minutes away from Geneva. I am a member of the Geneva Writers Group and the Association La Forge, a literary group based in France. I write stories, poems and am currently working on a couple of plays, a one-woman show and actively learning how to perform stand-up comedy.
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