Missing and Murdered, A Petition to Sign

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This isn’t easy to write, and please do share…

If you’ve been reading the national news you’ll have learned of a beautiful young Inuk woman, 3 months pregnant, who was missing for days. Today her body was found.

Loretta Saunders was working on her master’s thesis on the epidemic of Indigenous Missing and Murdered women in Canada.

Today, I add my voice to those not calling for, but demanding, the Federal Government at long last hold a national public inquiry into this horrific and macabre phenomenon.

They say a culture only dies when the hearts of the women are in the ground. It’s hard not to feel that after years of pleading with the Canadian Government to do something, there is some part of the Members of Parliament who still appear to think that the only good Indian is a dead Indian.

Well, our women are good. Their hearts are good and strong, and they represent the lifeblood of our cultures.

Over 800 dead and gone is 800 too many. It’s time for immediate and massive action.

Please add your voice.

Hiy hiy

About Loretta Saunders:





Petitions :




Important info on why this is not an e-petition:

Hey Aaron, I reported your piece on Loretta Saunders this morning and encouraged people to circulate the petition, Something I thought worth mentioning is that most don’t realize “e-petitions” are not admissible in Parliament. If they get enough signatures and a sponsor, it will be read into the public record and the appropriate ministry will be compelled to respond within 45 days. I mention this because they are doing it right, but I suspect it will be hard to get people to print out, circulate and sign a paper petition. Maybe your voice can help on this front?

Sadly e-petitions in Canada don’t mean much, as the government can just choose to ignore them. There is talk of reforming the law to allow e-petitions, but unless the law is changed so a certain number of signatures compels a parliamentary debate, it’ll remain easy to just sit on them, not file them or bury them.


Hi Aaron,

Just quickly read through the e-petitions blurb… not sure if this would help at all but…

Recently, a motion that would allow electronic petitions to be introduced in Parliament (Bill M-428) was passed by the House of Commons. There are a few links that go into greater detail, particularly a Council of Canadians blog.
The entire article can be found here : (http://canadians.org/blog/online-petitions-be-accepted-house-commons). There are further readings below it.

As well, petition results can be downloaded, printed and used just as hand-written petitions, from my experience, not sure if this helps, but i hope it does.

In sol,



  • Ayallah Greenberg Mourning with you in Jerusalem. As a Jewish woman I stand by your community in solidarity.
  • Blasia Love I think Some of you are Missing the big picture. A WOMAN and her unborn child are gone. A WOMAN. Not a native woman. Not a white woman. A woman is gone. It does not matter her race. She is gone and we need to find out who did it
  • Sue Sunderland Please consider using Avaaz or Change.org for your petition, I realise that you feel the your government will not take notice or act, but it would place this horrific set of injustices on to the platform of the World arena…I came across your plight purely by chance here on FB, I live in York, North Yorkshire, England…..by taking it global, governments are often embarrassed in to doing something!!!! X
  • Raven Angel I had 10+ pages of a petition signed at my college last week… Is there an online petition somewhere we can all share to make this an international movement?

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2 Responses to Missing and Murdered, A Petition to Sign

  1. Jo Bryant says:

    how teribly sad..I hope you get your enquiry

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