R.I.P. Stanford R. Alger

My dear friend John’s father recently passed away.
I wanted to share his touching tribute to his dad.


Stanford R Alger obituary 563014_10151514202783949_937941290_n (Apparently there is money to be made in the death and funeral notice industry. I can sell a car in the paper for about $30.00, but a similar 10 line obituary in that same paper is over $500.00. An obituary of this length was substantially more than $1500.00. I will write a very abbreviated obituary for the paper, trying to condense everything that my Dad was and what he meant to the people he met, all in less than 10 lines, which is shorter than 10 sentences mind you. I wanted to post his true obituary here so others could see the man we saw.)

Alger, Stanford R.

January 7th 1926 – January 29th 2013

Stanford (Stan) Rawson Alger 87, passed away January 28th 2013 in Davis Ca. Born in Newport Rhode Island to Maxson and Abbie Alger (Disley), he had two brothers, Donald and Kenneth. Stan moved as a child to Texas with his parents, where he enlisted in the Navy at the age of 20. He attended college at Southern Methodist University in Texas, obtaining a BA in Business Administration. In 1966, he received his Master’s Degree for Education from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. He remained in San Diego after leaving the Navy and met the love of his life Glenna, who had also stayed in San Diego after leaving the Navy. He and Glenna Jane Tucker were married in 1950. He is survived by their three sons, William, John and Robert.

Stan taught Social Studies, World Geography and US History for 33 years in the San Diego Unified School District. He spent most of those years teaching at Taft Jr. High, where he retired after 33 years as an educator and mentor. He loved teaching and he loved his students. He was as much embarrassed as filled with pride when former students would approach him 5, 10 even 15 years after graduation, telling him how much they loved him and what a great impact he made on their lives. He often complained about the crazy or wild kids he had in his classes, but the gleam in his eyes as he spoke and the gentle smile on his face painted a truer picture of his feelings towards “his” kids than did his words. His sons never doubted for a minute, that the many hundreds of students he had over the years were as much his sons and daughters as the boys born to him and Glenna. He took pride in their accomplishments, filled them with the desire to be a better person, and minimized their frailties and doubts. In his eyes, they were all amazing creatures, worthy of admiration and praise.

He had a dry wit that fooled many people. He laughed often at himself, never at others. He was happy to laugh with you, but never at you. Stan had that best quality of charm, the charm that never recognized its own existence. He could be self-effacing with sincerity, never realizing how much he affected those he met. He changed the world for 87 years, making it a better place with every breath he took. The breaths are gone, but the changes remain in the hearts of everyone he met. When his sons were at their best, they were the man they saw in him. Stan was a hero to many people, a mentor often and a friend always. May the love of those he met and changed, carry him in his travels.
Stan moved from San Diego to Davis California 3 years ago, where he lived with his oldest son Bill and his family, wife Kathy and their children, Matthew, Lauren and Mark. John and Robert continue to reside in San Diego. Later he moved to The Californian, an assisted living facility in nearby Woodland California, next door to the hospital where Bill works. Stan enjoyed his time at the Californian, making many new friends of his neighbors and staff. Services for Stan were held in Davis California, with military honors. Stan is interred at Greenwood Memorial Park in San Diego with his wife Glenna Jane (Tucker).

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