On Connections: Morgan & Emily

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Morgan and Emily 580566_584752314871449_1942553532_n


October 1993.

We took Morgan to the Sebastian County Humane Society with the promise of adopting a kitten. My precious little girl with her big heart took one look around the cat room and picked out the ugliest, scrawniest, most pitiful looking kitten in the entire place. Such a tiny little thing that it was mostly all eyes. We used our best parental powers of persuasion to get her to pick a different kitten, to look at the older cats, to choose any other feline besides that ugly little modge-podge of fur. There was no real definable color to the kitten. It looked like someone had taken the worst leftover colors and stirred them together. Badly.

Morgan planted her 5 year old feet, looked us straight in the eye and declared that THIS was the kitten that she was taking home. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. She would not budge and she resolutely refused to take a second look at any other cat or kitten in the room.

The unexpected obstacle we faced was that we were not able to adopt on that Saturday, but had to wait until Monday to finalize. For the rest of the weekend and all day Monday Morgan fretted and pouted and worried that someone else would take “her” kitten home with them. We tried to assure her that no one else would want THAT cat. We didn’t want to say that the reason no one else would want it was because it was so tiny, or so ugly, or so-nothing-at-all-but-eyes. Morgan could see only beauty and she was in love…

Finally Monday afternoon came and her dad brought it home with him after work. In that moment Morgan’s daddy was her hero, because he had saved her kitten.

What we could see most clearly on that day was the huge bow the animal shelter had made out of the leash and tied onto the kitten’s neck. The bow was nearly bigger than the kitten and most definitely weighed more than she did!

Morgan tenderly snuggled that little bit of fur into her arms and declared that her name was Emily. At that time every stuffed animal and every doll that Morgan owned, she named Emily!! LOL!! We had seriously considered naming her new baby sister Emily because she had asked us so many times to do that. We were glad that we didn’t name the baby Emily because we felt certain at that moment that the new kitten would have still have been named Emily! (“Why hello! This is my sister Emily and my cat Emily!”)

Morgan adored her new kitten and the kitten loved her right back. Emily gained some weight and filled out a bit. We began to see the same beauty in her that Morgan had seen in that very first moment.

Where Morgan went, Emily went. They played together. They ate together. They watched Barney together. They slept together…

Which brings me to this picture. It captures everything about how much my sweet girl loved her cat. Every night they slept like this, with Emily curled up on Morgan’s left shoulder, often with her tiny paws resting on Morgan’s cheek. I would slip into Morgan’s room to check on her at night, and end up standing there, watching the two of them sleeping together, in awe of their sweetness, and my heart would squeeze a little tighter.

Morgan cherished Emily for nearly two years before she was kidnapped. After that day Emily would not rest at night. For weeks and weeks she wandered through our house, crying out, looking for Morgan. It was heartbreaking to watch her kitten grieving. Finally, one night, Emily came into my room and nestled up on my left shoulder and went to sleep.

For the last 17 ½ years Emily has slept on my shoulder. She has been a gift to me, a connection to Morgan. Morgan chose her. Morgan named her. Morgan loved her dearly. And in my heart she has always been a tie to Morgan.

Today at 19 ½ years old we lost little Emily. Even full grown she has always been a tiny cat, on the best days weighing barely 6 pounds. Such a sweet little kitty who took up a lot of room in our hearts… Today my heart is breaking. She will be missed so much at our house. We have lost so much more than Emily today. We have lost a very real connection to Morgan and there is tremendous grief tied to that.

I have always believed that we would find Morgan and bring her safely home and her friend would be here waiting for her.

Thank you Morgan, for choosing Emily.

Thank you Emily, for the extended joy you brought to our family. Thank you for making my little girl so happy.

I am not sure how I will sleep tonight without you curled into my shoulder.


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I am a Franco-american woman who hails from Massachusetts. I live in France near the Swiss border, only minutes away from Geneva. I am a member of the Geneva Writers Group and the Association La Forge, a literary group based in France. I write stories, poems and am currently working on a couple of plays, a one-woman show and actively learning how to perform stand-up comedy.
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2 Responses to On Connections: Morgan & Emily

  1. Ginger Dawn Harman says:

    Aweee what a heart touching story!

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