Did you know our pineal gland used to be our third eye?

The following is a post I received on FB from Debbie Moran.

‎”In a distant past our pineal gland used to be our third eye and, even more than an eye: a cosmic receiver and sender of multi-dimensional information. The pineal gland is now a tiny gland in the centre of our brain, connected with all our senses and the rest of our body. Through the other senses it communicates with the outer world in electrical impulses.
“With its spectrum of hormones it regulates our state of consciousness, e.g. waking, sleeping, dreaming, various meditative states including those states in which we may have mystical experiences. The mind and senses are paths for occult energies that work through various psychophysical centers or chakras, among the highest of which is the pineal gland. These centres continue to develop as we evolve towards spirit.

So, while the third eye or pineal gland has certain physiological activities in conjunction with the pituitary gland – together they regulate the rhythms of metabolism and growth – it is also the physical organ of intuition, inspiration, spiritual vision, and divine thought. The pituitary gland is the thought receiver and the pineal gland, often called our true master gland, is the thought transmitter.

“The pineal gland is the very key to the highest and divinest consciousness in man – his omniscient, spiritual and all embracing mind. It is the Single Eye.

“The more light you can store in your body, the higher your vibration will become. The higher your vibration is, the easier it becomes to elevate your surrounding as well as the people around you. Now is the time to reawaken our pineal gland as a cosmic antenna.”

Publié à l’origine sur le mur de William

Par : Gary Voss

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6 Responses to Did you know our pineal gland used to be our third eye?

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  2. shail says:

    Very interesting.

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  6. Josh says:

    Great info you are sharing here. The world is full of so many mysteries that were common knowledge to people of ancient times. The pineal gland was known about by the ancient Egyptians I heard. Fascinating stuff. Here is a group of pIneal gland activation methods :


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