On Rude Questions About Large Families

Yes, they are ALL mine! Answers to those rude questions about large families!

Extract from an article posted on February 23, 2012
By gardengoatquote

Having the number of children I do, once disclosed to anyone usually results in total shock. Either after they have fallen over in disbelief, (or written me off as some real freak) some of them are actually able to compose themselves enough to eyeball me head to toe. I am then treated to the usual remark “you do not look like you have had 9 kids.” Nice. What exactly do you mean? Apparently “looking” like one has had children automatically means that you are “fat”, “tired” and “old” looking (they should meet my husband). Who knew? Why would anyone want to have children if that is how you are supposed to look afterwards? No wonder the population growth in Canada is at an all time low. I have developed answers back to many of the bratty (if not down-right rude) comments I regularly attract parading around in society with some ( if not all) of my nine kids in tow.

The following is a SMALL sampling of questions I have been asked over the years along with the responses I have developed to “politely” address their concerns (also to keep myself out of incarceration for assault charges).


[Two of Emanita’s favorite responses:]


Q:           “Haven’t you heard of birth control?”


  1. “Yes, I’ve heard of it, I hope you are using it!”
  3. “Oh yes, we do know what birth control is;
    it’s for people who don’t want 

Extract from an article posted on February 23, 2012
By gardengoatquote

The rest is worth reading (just click on either the date or the author’s name ;-D

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