Paris’ Gigantic Lightning Rod

SACRE BLEU ! Ce cliché est un rêve de photographe. Presque impossible à saisir – le dernier du genre, en noir et blanc, remonte à 1902 –, il est spécialement superbe : la tour était alors revêtue d’un bleu électrique idéal, le ciel d’orage n’était même pas laiteux, et l’éclair a évité la flèche pour traverser toute la structure avant de la frapper en plein cœur. Il fallait un énorme coup de chance, et c’est un photographe amateur qui l’a eu. Sa photo fera donc sûrement le tour du monde, en propageant la réputation de «paratonnerre géant de Paris» qu’avait déjà la tour Eiffel. Alors qu’en fait, ce monument ne protège contre la foudre que dans un rayon égal à sa hauteur, soit 324 mètres.

Here’s a very rough translation:
WOW! A photographer’s dream. Almost impossible to realize–the last one of its kind, taken in black and white, goes back to 1902 – it’s really magnificent:  the tower’s perfect electric blue, a stormy not quite milky sky, and the lightning bolt, avoiding the rod, traversing the entire structure before striking dead center. Catching this image called for an enormous amount of luck and it was an amateur photographer who had it. His photo will surely travel around the world, propagating the reputation of “Paris’ gigantic lightning rod,” the Eiffel Tower. Yet, the monument protects against lightning only in a radius equal to its height, which is 324 meters.

And now folks, how about using this photo for poetic writing inspiration?


About emanita01

I am a Franco-american woman who hails from Massachusetts. I live in France near the Swiss border, only minutes away from Geneva. I am a member of the Geneva Writers Group and the Association La Forge, a literary group based in France. I write stories, poems and am currently working on a couple of plays, a one-woman show and actively learning how to perform stand-up comedy.
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2 Responses to Paris’ Gigantic Lightning Rod

  1. Very Good. I saved it if you don’t mind. It’s really beautiful.

  2. emanita01 says:

    Thanks! You have my permission to save and share this great image. I don’t think the photograph will mind as long as you give credit where credit is due 😉

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