Music, deep within

Notes be heard in distant dell, their chords a strong and mighty spell, as stone be dropped in gentle pool, they ripple from their source, dulcet tones and ringing bell, my heart feels mighty force. Soul within doth open to, the music wafting by, ripples in my heart do spread, my soul take wing and fly. Ears to hear and eyes to cry, I breath but subtle sigh, for tone is sweet though notes be few, for less is more when heard, through stings of heart and sorrows past, take flight this simple bird. Desire be but wings on wind, when music stirs within, with timid beat of flapping wings, aloft I soar and swoop, o’er gentle pool reflecting bright, the concert now begin. Sail I do o’er pool and dell, though tears do spring and well, from misty eye of years gone by, for memories can tell. While truth doth lie amidst the heart, and lies do speak the truth, for heart that yearns for loves long past, the song doth speak the words, the wound that speaks and spurns.


About RoughWaterJohn

Simply saying I’m a native of San Diego conjures up, at least for most people, an image of a transplant from some far flung state that has lived here over 10 years. To many, that ‘is’ a native. I am of that rarer breed though, someone who had the common sense and foresight to be planted in the womb of parents who were already living in San Diego. Not easy to do mind you, when you’re just a spark in the universe of souls. While common sense and foresight weren’t always my faithful companions, certainly leaving me for extended periods during my youth and occasionally even today, I think I ended up all right, in deeds if not in mind. I fell easily into the Pirate life, my love of water, nature and all things nautical lubed the latches and eased the hinges to doors and pathways that today, find me living life on the mighty ship Glenna Jane with two amazing, intelligent and at times devious cats. This life is not for everyone, but then neither are my thoughts or ideas and certainly not my sense of humor. Honor I have though, and friends I hold dear, if that accounts for much. Tread lightly friend and see well, for here be Dragons. John
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3 Responses to Music, deep within

  1. emanita01 says:

    You’re doing it again.

  2. Jo Bryant says:

    You are everywhere – scary…



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