Pirate’s Prize

I was quite surprised recently, to find I had received the Versatile Blogger Award from Krithika. She has a wonderful blog, so needless to say, I was very grateful. It comes with a few requirements though, all of which are reasonable and not too demanding. The three requirements are,

Thank the person who gave you the reward.

List seven random facts about yourself.

Nominate fifteen new bloggers for the award.

Those of you who know me (if you read my blog, trust me…. you ‘know me’) realize that as a Pirate, I tend to bend the rules to fit my needs. I remember hearing over the years,  something along the lines about them being merely “guidelines”, something I adhere to without provocation.  Requirement number one, no problem, I am quite thrilled to get the reward, and very grateful that Krithka (Thanks!) was kind enough to give it to me. Requirement number two is easy, but you may be startled by my responses, which is the point actually, if I get the gist of the request accurately. Requirement number three though, that one my friends, I’m going to have  to modify to fit my twisted perspective of intention vs stated objective.

I have seen this reward given out previously, and the requested number of future recipients has varied from 7-15. All well and good mind you, but it got me to thinking, dangerous in it’s own right, and darn near criminal when it comes to the effects it may have on others. Can I come up with 15 blogs? Certainly. Will they all be worthy of the award? Well….. not actually. So it seems, I impale myself on the horns of this dilemma. Do I nominate 15 blogs as requested for the sake of propriety, or do I instead, nominate those few blogs that I sincerely feel are worthy of being versatile blogs, and should be aptly rewarded. Yeah, I know…. that one’s a gimme, I choose the latter. 🙂 With grateful and sincere thanks behind me, I move onward through the darkness….

If you’d like to learn the 7 random facts about me, and discover the 4 remaining recipients other than your lovely hostess here at Fodder4Thought, who graciously allows these words to grace her page, click here.

About RoughWaterJohn

Simply saying I’m a native of San Diego conjures up, at least for most people, an image of a transplant from some far flung state that has lived here over 10 years. To many, that ‘is’ a native. I am of that rarer breed though, someone who had the common sense and foresight to be planted in the womb of parents who were already living in San Diego. Not easy to do mind you, when you’re just a spark in the universe of souls. While common sense and foresight weren’t always my faithful companions, certainly leaving me for extended periods during my youth and occasionally even today, I think I ended up all right, in deeds if not in mind. I fell easily into the Pirate life, my love of water, nature and all things nautical lubed the latches and eased the hinges to doors and pathways that today, find me living life on the mighty ship Glenna Jane with two amazing, intelligent and at times devious cats. This life is not for everyone, but then neither are my thoughts or ideas and certainly not my sense of humor. Honor I have though, and friends I hold dear, if that accounts for much. Tread lightly friend and see well, for here be Dragons. John
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3 Responses to Pirate’s Prize

  1. emanita01 says:

    Hey, RoughWaterJohn, thanks for your post.
    I see the golden nugget leaves its trail of golden dust, to lead readers to your coffers. “Click here”…it’s kind of like the ‘X’ on a treasure map.

    So fitting for a Pirate 😉

  2. I don’t want it to be easy to find the treasure, I just want it to be possible. Although in this case, they’d be leaving vast wealth (your blog), to find a few gold coins. 🙂

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