Can We Try Eden Again?

For anyone who has read my stories, I am hopeful the memories I put into words follows an obvious theme. Nature, wild and pristine has a grip on my heart. I have no desire to become a recluse wild mountain man, but I do love the dark forest and those creatures who call it home. I would love also, to stay and enjoy wide open land where the Buffalo roam.

We all live and share space on earth yet there is division by borders, division by seas, division by religion, division by preference, division by war, division by politics, division by death and the list is longer than words can define. Hate is rampant and destructive even though love tries to mend. I get disturbed by science, taking leaps without thinking, delivering people to often tragic ends. Science believes their superior brains trump simple man and their hope for peace and a clean safe world. Uranium, Plutonium, recipes for bombs of catastrophic proportions and nuclear energy plants that spread garbage when the Earth simply shakes as designed. There is a slippery slope! Are we walking safely on it?

If anyone believes in Adam and Eve before their fall from grace, they had a life of tending a garden. They had a duty to name the beasts of the field, birds of the air and fish of the sea. Whether their lives are believed to be reality or fable, that is what a perfect world is supposed to be. Harmony with nature and one supreme God. I fuss in my mind over the fall of man, choosing to eat banned fruit rather than live peacefully forever in the Garden of Eden.

I think I’d love to tend a thorn-less garden while naked, embraced by the one perfect woman, designed for love forever companionship. But if given the chance to take their place, in a fresh beginning, I am certain the serpent would be fooling me too!

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5 Responses to Can We Try Eden Again?

  1. emanita01 says:

    Thank you Gary. And I do like that title 😉

  2. emanita01 says:

    “Nicely written fodder Gary ;-D”

    Private note, publicly displayed, to Gary:
    Just thought I’d attach my first comment on the post here, when it was one itself ;-D

  3. Gary says:

    And I thank you too!

  4. Becca Givens says:

    Bravo – it is indeed a companion to your most recent post … could be a short story …

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