Writings from RoughWaterJohn

— Jeph Jacques:

What’s the point of having a rapier wit, if I can’t use it to stab people?

Though the sweet blade of wit slips gently between their ribs and renders them mute with confusion….. though they gape speechless as their minds numb, befuddled at the verbal onslaught, are they yet dead to the world or perchance merely derailed from that which is truth?

Stabbed with wit, do they bleed… or simply lube the shank with mindless platitudes and ineffective evasions?Hmmm. A rapier sheathed is not a weapon it seems, though unsheathed, it pricks the innocent and mortally wounds the arrogant. It’s not the tool it seems, but the use that determines its potential.

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About emanita01

I am a Franco-american woman who hails from Massachusetts. I live in France near the Swiss border, only minutes away from Geneva. I am a member of the Geneva Writers Group and the Association La Forge, a literary group based in France. I write stories, poems and am currently working on a couple of plays, a one-woman show and actively learning how to perform stand-up comedy.
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4 Responses to Writings from RoughWaterJohn

  1. So, there I was… minding my own business, reading your blog again and thoroughly enjoying your posts when I came across this. Caught me off guard for a minute, because it seemed familiar but I wasn’t certain why at first. 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing this here, I am deeply honored to be part of what you share with your readers.

    Is it bad form to want to click the “like” button on my own post? 🙂

  2. emanita01 says:

    LOL..glad (and relieved) you feel that way.
    And, you certainly have MY permission to click the “like” button seeing as how you “like” that I’ve shared your post here 🙂

    Besides, you’re a Pirate, right? … and the world’s rules “are more like suggestions or guidelines, eh?” (Ok, I’ve taken it out of context. But I know you must know where I got that!)

    PS: Thanks as well, for I humbly take your comments as a compliment.

  3. Trust me, any comment I make about your blog is going to be a compliment. That’s a given. 🙂

    … and yes, I know where you ‘got’ that!

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